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 Post subject: Bricks Ideas on Increasing Wireless Internet Strength
PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 5:02 pm 

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Ok well if your like me and have a laptop which includes a built in Wifi-adapter card, then you might know the pain it can be trying to establish a decent playing connection. Wifi signal is affected by many different aspects. ive tried many different places in the house, surfaces, etc. and found a few helpful things to increase str. First of all, never hold laptop in lap or have on a surface such as a couch, floor, etc. these types of surfaces will cause the signal to be blocked in a way by the solid object (the floor, couch,etc) . i found that if you place the laptop on a solid surface , such as a coffee table, nightstand, etc. signal tends to be stronger and maintaining. this is because the signal is being allowed to pass through the laptop and past it and is no being reflected away by the floor,wall, couch etc. Also , weather plays a big roll in catching good signal, if you can, find where the signal is coming from, if you already know whos wireless router you are tapping into, try to find a place as close to a windown on that side of the house. Again, if it is raining outside, signal is weakened, heavy flooding rain, expect little to none, i have found that even wind, yes wind, affects it. My wireless which comes from south of my house, is weakers this time of year, when the winds are blowing the signal from the north, its still there but at avout 2mbps rather than 11mbps. Lastly, to insure that your Wireless adapter is using full str, right click on My Computer and find the Device manager, find your wireless device on the list and right click on it and goto properties, when you get there, if you can , goto the Advanced tab and you should see a list of options that can be changed to your liking. WARNING: DO NOT change ANY Rates, Bits, or Values. even 1 number off can cause adapter to malfunction and not work properly, find the option that have to do with Power Saving, and minimun power consumption, turn power saving off and Disable the minimun power consumtion and click apply. Your Wireless card now it running at its full strength and should have a slight increase in power. it has helped my signal go from very low at most times, to mostly Low signal. Hopefully if any of you playing use wireless internet such as myself, this will help you :) this has been a piece of advice from your friendly neighborhood Brick, thank you and good luck

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 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Nov 09, 2009 9:29 pm 

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Lmao, nice work Brick, despite I use modem.

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