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 Post subject: Helbreath Legacy
PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2013 11:20 am 

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Town: Aresden
Helbreath Servers: Helbreath Legacy
Presented to you by...

brings you...


Please note that some of these are just ideas and may or may not be implemented into the game.
• Level 150/200
• Moderate EXP (Takes 1-3 days to level) with some-what medium drops. Reward for hunting dedication.
• Remove the Middleland Map and replace it with Promiseland. Obviously, Promiseland will be accessible at any level. A portal in the middle of Promiseland teleports you to Icebound. Dungeon 2 can be reached via TP or through walking Dungeon 1. Tower of Hell maps 1 and 2 will be removed, and Tower of Hell 3 will be renamed "The Tower of Hell", which be accessible via City Hall teleport.
• Dark Knight weapons will be available for all strengths above 104. This includes War Axes, Great Swords, Flamebergs, Giant Swords, Hammers, Battle Hammers, Barbarian Battle Hammers, Black Shadow Swords, Short Bows, Long Bows, and Composite Bows. Dark Knight armor will only increase defense/Defense Ratio by 2 on each piece of Dark Knight.
• Mass Fire Strike, Bloody Shock Wave, Cancellation, Mass Illusion Movement, Inhibition, Fury of Thor, Earth Shock Wave, Sleep, Hellfire, Resurrection (w/ Resurrection Wand), and Ice Storm will all be available rare manual drops.
• Necklace of Medusa, Medusa Sword, and Eye of the Beholder will be included in the game.
• Gems and sockets will be included for manufactured armor. New gems and sockets will be added into the game, to make manufactured armor worth it. New weapon gems will be able to add hitting probability, poison damage, critical damage, consecutive attack damage, Reputation attack bonus, Strip % gems or HP/MP drain gems.
• Slayer weapons that drop according to the monster killed. Certain monsters drop certain slayer weapons. (I.E Demon drops a Slayers Sharp Giant Sword of Demons, this Giant Sword not only does increased damage, it also has "+10 Damage vs. Demons").
• Slayer armors that reduce damage done by a specific monster. (I.E, You have a Rudolph Plate Mail (M), Rudolphs do 10 less damage to your Plate Mail than normal). Slayer armors and weapons will not affect PvP. • Introducing an Archer Class! The archer class will typically need STR to wear up to a Composite bow. DEX will be needed in order to hit things and for self defense. CHR is used to unlock Special Spells for Archers such as multi-target arrow spells or special creature summoning/capture spells. CHR is also used to increase the speed/damage of equipped bows.
• With the introduction of an archer class, statted Short Bows, Long Bows, and Composite Bows will be added into the game. The Dark Elf bows damage will be almost DOUBLED! New rare bows will also be added.
• Statted "arrows" in a sense. Fire arrows will be added into the game (And the Fire Bow will be removed) Only Archers will be able to used "Statted/Alias" Arrows. These arrows include: Fire(Damage of time), Ice(Freeze over time), Poison(35 poison damage over time), Earth(SP Drain). • Merien ChainMail for the mage classes.
• MS30's as a first drop. They can come statted up to Hitting Probability 64 and Casting Probability 21.
• Remove Rocky Highlands, Eternal Field, Death Valley, Silent Wood, Aresen Garden, Eldinel Garden, Dungeon L3 • L4, Tower of Hell 1 • 2, and Middleland Mine maps.
• Raiding 100% of the time, both town maps will have unlimited raiding time. The farm can be used as a safe place to train to level to 150. (Farm will include lots of new pits).
• New stone drop: Relics. Relics will save the location for your second recall spot. (I.E you use the relic at Ice Bound entrance, when you recall you are taken to town. When you recall again, your taken to spot in which you used the relic.
• Located in the cash shop, you'll be able to buy a Dark Knight Weapon + 10 of your choice including wand. This weapon that you chose will be usable at any level. This Dark Knight Weapon is bound to your character. This function will be available for $25.
• Located in the cash shop, you'll be able to buy a Dark Knight Armor Set, this armor set includes a Dark Knight Hauberk, Dark Knight Plate Leggings, Dark Knight Plate Mail, Dark Knight Full• Helm, or Dark Knight Hauberk, Dark Knight Plate Leggings, Dark Knight Chain Mail, and Dark Knight Wizard Hat for your mages. This Dark Knight Armor Set is bound to your character and can be usable at any level. This function will be available for $30

Server Specs
Dedicated Core Server:
Xeon Quad Core processor - 2.93GHz per Processor maximum 11.72GHz of processing power.
100mbs Connection, 2.50GBs of Hardware Memory(Ram) .

Software Requirements and additions
SQL Server Running Dedicated 3 hourly backup.
Visual Studio 2010 Compiled with XSD Configurations for Config files.
Highly modified 3.91 Helbreath SQL files.

I (LAIN, my programmer) am an advanced programmer who is familiar with the community and game.
I hope you all enjoy my future project and play to your hearts desire :)
Client and files to be available soon with active daily developments and updates through our powerful update system. It has the ability to install the game and download it for you, and is very native to operate on any system to date.

We encourage you to give us a try! We'd love to have you! Please check all updates at! You can also check our Facebook here.

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