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 Post subject: Safe Buying, Selling and Trading Guide
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2009 9:42 am 
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[align=center]Safe Buying, Selling and Trading Guide
tips and suggestions for buying, trading, selling of virtual items.[/align]

[align=center]Hellbreath World[/align]

Hellbreath World does not support or condone the selling of accounts and or items for cash or other earthly goods. Since we cannot stop players from doing these trades in private here are some tips and suggestions to consider.

Ownership of the account is determined by matching the email address, password, IP address, and the secret question/answer. Having these all correct (or a mixture of some in unique ways) will allow a person to retrieve account details. We will do our best to determine the rightful owner of an account.

The account information such as (email, secret question/answer, password, etc) are your responsibility to keep up to date. To change the account details you will need to open a support ticket first telling us the previous details, then the new information to be changed (we work tickets as fast as we can). It is the users responsibility to keep the account information up to date so that account recovery can be processed to the proper individual.

We strongly suggest having a Game Master ingame with the two people involved so that the trade/sale can be witnessed and accounted for. This does not guarantee satisfaction, we are solely there as a deterrent and watchful eyes. If one isnt online, wait or try to make arrangements outside of the game for a time for everyone to meet. At the very least have a GMH (game master helper) there.

Search the forums for posts made by the person you are dealing with, get a feeling for how they act and treat others.

Beware of Helbreath server scams! There are many fake private servers out there just so you download their client and get infected with a virus. Also some servers may actually be legit but they sell and or abuse having access to account database files. Always use different account details on our server than from anywhere else you have before. It is your responsibility to keep your account information secure and to yourself, our database has not been compromised as of yet.

Ask other players ingame, if no one has ever heard of this person before then dont continue. Only do trades with people who have a reputation of following through with their word and dont need to hide behind a dummy char like a traveler named sellitems02. Find out who they really are and have them prove it.

If you are afraid to ask around because you dont want people to know you are trading/selling, then you cant blame anyone but yourself.

[align=center]Known Scams/Phishing/Spoofing /Key-loggers /Viruses[/align]

In the cyber-world phishing (also known as carding and spoofing) is a form of illegal act whereby fraudulently sensitive information is acquired, such as passwords and credit card details, account details, by a person/entity masquerading as a trustworthy person or business in an apparently official electronic communication, such as an e-mail or instantaneous communication.

E-mail spoofing is a term used to describe fraudulent e-mail activity in which the sender address and other parts of the e-mail header are altered to appear as though the e-mail originated from a different source. E-mail spoofing is a technique commonly used for phishing to hide the origin of an e-mail message.

Ways you will encounter phishing : Examples : Hellbreath World uses a Yahoo Account Hellbreath World on MSN Hellbreath World uses g-mail Beta Scams.

HBW WILL NEVER ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION VIA EMAIL OR MESSENGER ! DO NOT follow any links contained in such emails or respond to such an email regardless of how real they look. We recommend that you : DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS THAT IS ATTACHED TO YOUR GAMING ACCOUNTS ANY PUBLIC FORUM!

[align=center]Key-logger & Exploits, Protect Yourself![/align]

Before you click on any link, mouse-over and take a glance at your URL bar, anything .EXE, .SCR, or .BAT is probably going to be bad. Don’t click it. Do not download /accept any files from people you do not personally know.

Spy-ware/Ad-ware Prevention & Removal
Google some of the following software suggestions: Spy-Ware-Blaster, Spy-Bot AD-Aware, Advast KasperSky, AIM Trojan & Virus Help Always remember to check for updates for your Anti Virus Software, on a regularly bases , to ensure you are covered by the latest protection ,that is available. Also be sure you understand how those programs work.

[align=center]Establishing whom you're dealing with![/align]

Google and the forums can be your best friend when trying you check out the person whom you are dealing with online.Copy and paste the AIM/email/name and read through your results. Pay special attention to the spelling of the AIM/MSN name hence copy & pasting is vital. Take extra caution when your search yields no results at all. If they don't have one say no thank you! Active players normally have more to loose.
    - Check if the forum or ingame name and the AIM/MSN/Etc listed match.
    - Search their forum name for topics they have responded to!
    - Require a PM via the HBW Boards. No excuses accepted!
    - Require a new post made on the forum.
    - Ask for a brief Phone-call from a (land-line)! If the caller is listed as private ,do NOT ACCEPT the call until he can call you and a number is visible. You can do a reverse look-up online, and check if the information you were supplied with is correct.
    - Conversations conducted in Vent are pretty much useless.
    - If the person your speaking with sounds very young ask to speak with an adult in the home.
    - Keep good records of names , AIM/MSN , Dates, accounts, SAQ, MM, OO etc.
    - All agreements made should be written and not verbal. You will thank me later for this!
    - Don't forget to check out your middle-man ( if your using one)! Middle men can be scammers as well. Use only people the community trusts.
    - Save your chat-logs and or screenshots.
    - Have ALL your information on hand !
    - Be very clear you know what your trading for !( active-banned,rares,etc )
    - Does he/she have SQA to the account in question? Verify they do.
    - Is he/she the original account owner?
    - How many owners has this Account had? (If more than one you stand a huge risk of someone recalling an account. Don't forget that!
    - Ask for Names ,email addresses, AIM etc from previous owners.
    - Require to see the account in game !No Excuses accepted!
    - Do not accept website links, or any files as proof (could be virii). </li>
    - Make sure to only trade during business hours.
    - Remain civil even if the person your talking to is a schmuck, if an issue should arise, those chat-logs will be your proof and posted for everyone to see ! After the Transaction.
    - If you had a positive experience exchange appropriate feedback on the forums or ingame.
    - If not: Recall your account as soon as possible.
    - Leave appropriate feedback.
    - Make a report about the scammer in the forums.
    - Remember to include screen-shots/chat-logs etc.
    - Don't freak out! Stay calm.

[align=center]Tips from Experienced Traders[/align]

Don't fall for scammers that use scare tactics like the deletion of your C drive or how they can find all of your personal information unless you give them information to your account, etc. They may seem very convincing and may send you files in the form of .exe (do not except these files under any circumstance), they are just trying to phish/keylog you.

Make sure to never use the password on 3 method of trading, never works.

Password on 3 :
The password on 3 method of trading is a method most often used by someone that is trying to scam someone new to trading. The method is as follows, Trader One says that when he counts to 3 in AIM or any other instant messenger, both players type in their password, after acquiring the user name. Rarely does this ever work with both players submitting their passwords at the same time, usually the scammer waits until his victim has entered his/her password and immediately changes it securing the account. An Example of a typical "password on 3" trade: Trader One: Alright now that we have each others usernames ready to trade passwords? Trader Two: Yep. Trader One: OK I am going to count to 3 on AIM, and when I get to 3 we both type in our passwords. Trader Two: Alright sounds good. Trader One: 1 Trader One: 2 Trader One: 3 Trader Two: "Password" Time goes by Trader One has not submitted password Trader Two: Wheres your password? Trader One: Hold on I am having AIM problems. Trader Two:Ah OK TRADER ONE HAS LOGGED OFF Trader Two: WTF! Trader Two: Ah my password is changed, I cannot get my account back.

Common sense, any AIM/MSN name like 'boobsarecool124' or anything obviously made 30 seconds ago to screw you over is not going to go over well!

Never change account info first.. Why? Because people won't pay once it's changed. Then there is always the recalling of the money or account. Here is my previous methods of selling or buying: Sell them the account with just the account info name / pass. Then in a week or two you change the email for them. Then after a month you give them sqa. (this prevents from recalling on pay-pal). Also for trading use LEGIT high rep middle-man. Prevents you from getting scammed. Also if you use a random middleman with like 1 positive you have a better chance to get scammed.

    - COPY+PASTE into notepad the aim/msn name, and see if its capital i or L.
    - Always take screen-shots, they are way more believable then aim/msn log. Also search for the account he/she is offering to sell/trade. - Some accounts change users more than they change their underwear. I would not consider that a safe trade.
    - Look at the register date. If he registered that day wait. There are some new legit users out there but I wouldn’t hand you my account.
    - I don’t care what the reason he/she gives you. Everyone has a story and most of them are BS.
    - Be cautious of users that share too many personal details like their Wife/Girlfriend's name, their latest personal drama, the hard luck story etc. People that offer too much information or are way too chatty usually try to distract you with useless information and give you a false sense of security.




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Portions of this guide were taken from: Markee Dragon

I will be tweaking this guide as needed, feel free to reply with your own suggestions/tips on ways to avoid being scammed in Hellbreath World.
Please leave all other conversation out of this topic. Suggestions/Tips Only!

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